Amanda Holden Dating History

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We all love a good celebrity relationship story, don’t we? Well, right now we will dive into the intriguing dating historical past of the gifted and gorgeous Amanda Holden. From her early days in the spotlight to her present relationship standing, we’ll cover all of it. So grab a cup of tea and get ready to bask in some juicy gossip!

Early Relationships

Like many celebrities, Amanda Holden had her justifiable share of relationships before making it huge in the entertainment business. In her youthful years, she dated a couple of highschool sweethearts and had a couple of short-lived flings. But it wasn’t until she found fame on the popular TV show "Blind Date" that her dating life really took a turn.

The Simon Cowell Saga

Ah, Simon Cowell, the king of actuality TV and the person who seems to have his way with hitch the women. Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell have a protracted and complicated historical past collectively. They first met on the set of "Blind Date" within the late 90s and hit it off instantly. But their relationship was far from easy crusing.

Over the years, Amanda and Simon have been rumored to be extra than just associates. They’ve been photographed together at numerous events and have even been seen cozying up to one another. But both events have all the time denied any romantic involvement. So, are they just good friends or is there one thing more going on? That’s a query that remains unanswered.

Marriage and Heartbreak

In 2008, Amanda Holden tied the knot along with her long-time partner, Chris Hughes. The couple appeared to be happy and in love, with Amanda often gushing about her husband in interviews. However, their marriage took a heartbreaking flip after they tragically lost their child boy, Theo, at birth.

The loss of their son put a strain on their relationship, and so they ultimately decided to separate in 2011. It was a devastating time for Amanda, however she persevered and continued to concentrate on her profession and raising their daughter, Lexi.

A New Love

After her break up from Chris Hughes, Amanda Holden finally discovered love once more with document producer Chris Hughes. The couple met by way of mutual associates and hit it off instantly. They’ve been together ever since and appear to be happier than ever.


And that, my associates, is the courting historical past of Amanda Holden. From her early relationships to her marriage and heartbreak, she has had her justifiable share of ups and downs in the world of romance. But via all of it, she has remained strong and centered on her profession and her household.

Whether she’s just good friends with Simon Cowell or there’s one thing extra going on, solely time will tell. But one factor’s for certain, Amanda Holden is a pressure to be reckoned with, each on and off the screen.

So, subsequent time you discover yourself glued to the TV watching Amanda on one of her many exhibits, keep in mind that behind that dazzling smile lies a woman with a fascinating courting historical past. And isn’t that a half of what makes celebrities so intriguing?


1. Who is Amanda Holden presently dating?

Amanda Holden is at present married to Chris Hughes. They tied the knot in December 2008 and have been together ever since.

2. Has Amanda Holden dated anybody well-known in the past?

Yes, Amanda Holden has dated a couple of famous individuals in the past. One notable relationship was with British actor Neil Morrissey, identified for his roles in "Men Behaving Badly" and "The Night Manager." They have been together for a quantity of years before splitting up.

3. Did Amanda Holden ever date Simon Cowell?

No, Amanda Holden has never dated Simon Cowell. Although they work together as judges on "Britain’s Got Talent," their relationship has always been strictly professional.

4. Who was Amanda Holden’s first husband?

Amanda Holden’s first husband was Les Dennis, a properly known British comic and tv presenter. They got married in 1995 however eventually divorced in 2003.

5. Did Amanda Holden ever have a relationship with a fellow superstar on "Wild at Heart"?

Yes, Amanda Holden had a relationship with fellow actor and co-star, Gareth Gates, throughout their time working together on the TV series "Wild at Heart." They began dating in 2012 and their relationship lasted for about four years before they amicably cut up up.

6. Did Amanda Holden date anybody after her divorce from Les Dennis?

After her divorce from Les Dennis, Amanda Holden had a relationship with Neil Morrissey, which lasted for several years. Following their cut up, she went on to begin courting Chris Hughes, whom she ultimately married in 2008.

7. Is Amanda Holden at present involved in any publicized relationships or dating rumors?

No, as of the most recent obtainable info, Amanda Holden is fortunately married and there are no publicized relationships or dating rumors surrounding her.